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The “Burrill Life Sciences and Healthcare Incubator” is a “virtual” biotech/life sciences/digital heath/healthcare business incubator that provides advice, counsel, mentoring and a network for entrepreneurs seeking to build and grow their healthcare companies.

Burrill LLC’s CEO, commented, “Over the course of 50 years of working with biotech, life sciences and healthcare companies, I have gained substantial experience and expertise in dealing with the many challenges these businesses encounter. I have had extensive dealings with all of the participants in this process, including directors, management, corporate partners, investors and professional service providers. The goal is to make available a platform for sharing this experience, expertise and industry contacts.”

The incubator is intended to be available for businesses of any size, from start-up to high growth companies, seeking to benefit from Steve’s healthcare and life sciences expertise, experience and network. It will serve as a vehicle for companies to locate space, hire employees, recruit directors and advisors, engage with development teams and CROs, be introduced to potential corporate partners and other collaborative relationships, and act as a sounding board for company founders.